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  1. Would like to see if you’re interested in joining us @ the We are just begining to build our online site, and are looking other educators. We would love to share ideas, to share the truth about the ECS. Hope to C U @ the ECU.

    1. Yeah I would like to join. I isolated and named anandamide back in 1992. I am currently finishing up some work at the National University of Ireland Galway concerning leelamine (another compound I named). It comes from pine tree resin, but behaviourally it acts like THC in mice (even in THC receptor knockout mice) It seems to be a new neurotransmitter system.

      1. Hi William,

        I’m a science writer (The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Discover) and author (Fooling Houdini) currently researching a story on cannabis. I’d like to interview you about your discovery of anandamide. I can be reached at:

        Thank you,
        Alex Stone

  2. Hello team at Cannabis Digest, first off let me express how overjoyed I am to see what you guys are doing for the cannabis community. I currently operate a small alternative lifestyle athletic wear company named “Canna_Beast Athletics”. Our goal is to not only build a strong product that is entirely made sweatshop free in Los Angeles but to spread the message of physical fitness and understanding of a subculture that in my regards is covered in a shadow of stereotype established decades ago. I’m asking if your network would be gracious enough to help me pass the message across to your audience in hopes that it may appeal to some and spread awareness to others. There exists a large portion of individuals in this subculture that live healthy fulfilling lives while utilizing cannabis and we believe they deserve a shot to change society’s perception of them. Please feel free to contact me through my email and browse through the website as you please at thank you for your time.

  3. Hi,
    Please correct the heading on your latest article entitled, “Federal Court Ruling Protects Patients Rights”
    This is a constitutional case and reads: Allard et al v Canada and Not R v Allard.

    Please correct this error which seems to come up periodically.
    Thank you.
    Neil Allard

  4. I am researching CBD oil for my grandson who has epilepsy and autism. I have been told that the CBD oil available in Canada is not as consistent or as well known as the Charlotte’s Web sold by CW Botanicals. I don’t know if this is true or not. I would like to know how much experience and/or research has been done with your oil (I believe Phoenix Tears would be the equivalent) with young children and epilepsy. I am currently thinking that we could use this in conjunction with his anti seizure meds to help deal with side effects such as dizziness and tiredness.

    Can you help me in my research. My husband is currently a card member at your Nanaimo dispensary. I would appreciate if you didn’t publish my comment on your website at all. thank you

  5. As an update to your article about suppositories (2014): For Californians, we provide three strengths of suppositories to our members. Each suppository contains 50mg, 100mg or 200mg of THC, balanced with 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg of CBD. We use a cocoa butter base. Right now (July 2016), we are testing their ease of use, so any Californian who wants to test one can join our co-op and receive a free suppository. We just ask that they fill out a brief online survey.

  6. Mr. Smith, I’m wondering if you could answer these questions for me. If one takes CBD with THC by suppository, then they don’t get high from the THC? Also, do you know if it’s available with THCV? Or how I could make my own? Thank you.
    Mesa, AZ USA

  7. I have been diagnosed with cancer: Multiple Myeloma. Have started with Cannabis oil. I would like to understand the best method of ingestion. I have heard of vrious forms of consumption: smoking, oral, suppository, but don’t know wiich is the way to go and how these methods differ in the way they work. Do you have info on this for a lay person trying to understand?


  8. I have been following your response to the law involvement in Ontario where i am located and that is also where i was born in Cobourg, Ontario. I do not agree everything is about drugs or drug laws but also i do believe in the hidden laws in the trade nafta agreement that were quoted me by the Ontario disability support program who said that she used one person or many? that she used section 21 of the nafta trade agreement not ontario disability support program directive?
    I want to bring up a very complicated suggestion. i suggest they searched my mothers warrant? when she was taken into custody in the 60’s shortly after her daughter died of sids and Kennedy came into power and also Pierre Trudeau i believe. Also. my father was drafted into the National hockey leagues at the same time which could have sparked outrage in the feminist community. My mother Lois Audrey Moore was put into an institute forcibly and left there 29 years without a warrant perhaps or a community treatment order was used without any explanation of law and the story that plagued the family is she tried to commit suicide and also she was never released after the order was issued her (and my father) nor was the bail amount posted at the courtroom of choice? I do agree my mother had a horrible existence and at the age of 19 we went to visit her and signed papers to have shock treatments and restraints removed and also my brother (he and and his wife now deceased did sign the papers too and my ex was there too and we spent the night at a local mission that was full of bugs and other creepy interference. your new organizations has been an inspiration to me and i have developed an interest in your phillisophical standpoint about institutional drugs and i do believe that there is a lot of laws these days i cannot explain except to match them up to the constitution and the harm applies suspect of such also that is why i found your information interesting…perhaps her experience can now be told out loud to stop the harassment of others for community treatment orders or at least to get the information straight about which institute not more than one or many…i do

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