Beyond Big Money: My Medical Cannabis Research Wish List for Santa

Judith Stamps On December 3 2015, The Arthritis Society, a Canadian national organization, hosted a roundtable discussion in Vancouver BC to identify priorities for medical cannabis research.  In the past two years a number of Canadian organizations have held cannabis forums.  Among these are The Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids; Liftcannabis.ca, which hosted […]

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Horses v Carts: How The Public is Mislead on the Subject of Medical Cannabis

Judith Stamps In 2003 Anne McLellan, Canada’s then health Minister, announced the advent of government-provided medical cannabis to be grown in Flin Flon, Manitoba.  Quoted in response, was Sgt. Glen Hayden of Edmonton, who said: “the government is putting the cart before the horse.”  In March 2015, the Pennsylvania Medical Society published a white paper […]

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Medicated Cookies Face Possible Extinction In Victoria Dispensaries

Ted Smith Proposed regulations for dispensaries drafted by staff for the Victoria city council suggest following the lead of Vancouver to prohibit cannabis edibles, but there is another option council may take.  Instead of an outright ban of anything but basic oils infused with cannabis, the city could adopt regulations that follow the policies laid […]