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3rd Annual Cannabis Hemp Conference & Expo

The 3rd Annual Cannabis Hemp Conference & Expo takes place on May 6th and 7th at The Nest, at the University of British Columbia. It promises to be Canada’s largest Cannabis Conference, bringing in “a comprehensive gathering for patients, consumers, health-care professionals, environmentalists and industry experts.” Last years CannabisHemp Conference was my favourite cannabis event of 2016. I recorded […]

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Shatter Stereotypes

Shattering the Stereotypes A Look into the Medicinal Uses of Cannabis Concentrates It’s been called the “Tequila of Marijuana“(1)  the “Crack of Cannabis” and “Marijuana on Steroids.“(2) New concentrated forms of cannabis have become the latest demon for the languishing purveyors of prohibition, used to conjure dread and alarm.  They follow the path of the […]

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The Grey Market Adds Legitimacy To Licensed Producers

Debra Harper “A significant percentage of patients (42%) reported accessing cannabis from illegal/unregulated sources in addition to access via LPs, and over half (55%) were charged money to receive a medical recommendation to use cannabis, with nearly 25% paying $300 or more.” International Journal of Drug Policy We hear how well Licensed Producers (LP’s) are […]

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Top 10 Tips For Social Smokers

Cannabis Digest is happy to bring you weekly episodes of the Cannaisseur with Caelan Walton, but you don’t have to wait, visit the youtube page and subscribe for more videos. In episode 6 of The Cannaisseur we’re going to discuss 10 social smoking tips to keep your friends from getting pissed off at you. Top 10 […]