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The Opiate Epidemic, Cannabis Legalization and Pharmaceutical Industry Greed

Blame The Government and Trade Agreements – The Opiate Epidemic, Cannabis Legalization and The Greed Of The Pharmaceutical Industry Julia Veintrop Where Are All These Opiates Coming From? It Started With The Trans Pacific Partnership The Trans Pacific Partnership was signed in 2008 by Canada, and included a total of 12 nations. Pro-corporate, customs law-slashing, […]

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Cannabis Digest Full Issue 52 – Spring 2017

Read the Full Spring Issue of the Cannabis Digest quarterly journal for free online today. Including stories from Russell Barth (Ottawa), Tracy Lamourie (Toronto) and Kristen Mann (Alberta) and Julia Veintrop (Victoria). Pick up a free physical copy in cannabis oriented stores today. Contact our advertising department to make an inquiry about becoming a distributor and featuring […]

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Spring Issue #52 Cover Art

Check out the awesome art work that is featured on the cover of the Spring Issue #52 of the Cannabis Digest quarterly publication. Issue #52 went to print before 4/20, so be sure to reach as many people as we can. Look out for this iconic image in a headshop, coffeeshop or dispensary near you. If you […]