For Immediate Release Thursday January 12, 2023 Victoria, B.C.: Starting on Wednesday January 18, members and supporters of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club will gather weekly at 4:20 pm at City Hall until a new safe location for members to smoke is secured.  New landlords have purchased the Johnson St. building where the VCBC has […]


Last Call In The Box: VCBC Closes Smoking Room In Act Of Good Faith To New Landlord

For Immediate Release Friday January 6, 2023 Victoria. B.C.: Less than a year after reopening the smoking room in the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club as COVID diminished, the compassion club is shutting it down forever next week in an attempt to appease new landlords upset at the illegal nature of the organizations activities.  Named “The […]

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Compassion Club Gets Eviction For Christmas

For Immediate Release Thursday December 22, 2022 Victoria, B.C.:  The oldest medical cannabis provider in Canada will be moving in the new year, after its new landlord gave the society an eviction notice, effective Jan 2, 2022, just before the Christmas break.  On December 14, lawyers for Bluebird Core Associates Inc. served the Victoria Cannabis […]


VCBC New Member Incentive Program

As of December 13th, our new member incentive program means that when a new patient joins the club and they acknowledge on their sign-up form who referred them to join, the member who referred the new patient (the referee) will get a $20 credit applied to their account, with a few stipulations.   1) Before the […]

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What does ChatGPT AI say about Cannabis?

I interview the new AI chat bot from OpenAI, “ChatGPT” about cannabis and cannabis prohibition. ChatGPT is the latest machine learning creation released by OpenAI, a group responsible for the new image generator technology that has begun transforming your friends in their social media photos into slick looking movie extras. Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and Dall-E […]

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Victoria, BC MP Laurel Collins Supports the VCBC

For Immediate Release November 16, 2022 Victoria, B.C.:  Another strong letter of support for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club to get an exemption from the Cannabis Act has come from the Victoria federal Member of Parliament, Laurel Collins. The VCBC has been advocating for an exemption from the Cannabis Act for years in order to […]


Cannabis Act Review 2022: Survey Responses from the VCBC

Compiled and written by Ted Smith and Jacq Kittel We are pleased to present our formal answers to Health Canada’s review of the Cannabis Act. They are conducting this review as a key component of the legislative process to gather public input via online engagement. The Cannabis Act has been highly problematic and inadequate since […]

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With most recreational producers and retailers in the cannabis sector struggling to make a profit, there is very little incentive to save the medical cannabis program amongst them.  It is hard to blame the recreational cannabs industry for wanting the business, given how various levels of government are making it very difficult to turn a […]