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  • Sometimes, Dreams Come True : Victoria Cannabis Buyers’ Club incorporates and takes charge

      When I started the Victoria Canna- bis Buyers’ Club almost 17 years ago, I dreamed about the organization operat- ing as a nonprofit society out of a store. At the time I was 26, living in a van, and eating at soup kitchens. The plan was to break the law, selling cannabis prod- ucts […]

  • Bites From The Bakery

    By Owen Smith Greetings Cannabis Digesters! My name is Owen, and I’ve been baking for the Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada for the past 18 months. Learning how to produce the 29 edible and skin products from our for- mer bakers Gayle, Leslie, Ted, Kathleen, Colby, Ryan, Zoe, and Steve has been a valuable experience […]