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  • What I Learned at ‘The Cannabis Seminar’

    On December 3rd, 2014 I attended The Cannabis Seminar on my home island of Salt Spring, BC. It was presented by Dr. Paul Hornby of Hedron Analytical and Neil Morgan of the newly created Canbis Nutrameds. The event offered Salt Spring Island a rare opportunity to meet other community members with an interest in cannabis. […]

  • Fabric for the Conscious

    by Diane Walsh Industrial hemp has been with human civilization since before 7000 B.C. But fast forward, for a moment, to the middle ages and the start of the Renaissance. Back in high school, a hippie history teacher may have told you about Christopher Columbus making use of hemp on his voyages. Things noted may […]

  • Paving The Way With Hempcrete

    By Diane Walsh For enthusiasts, it’s all about cementing the power of the industrial hemp movement right into people’s homes. You might ask, squinting one eye, and jutting forward to re-read…Hempcrete? Say what! When it comes to hemp, the ranges of uses (including food, clothing, rope, paper, soap, cosmetics, and even fuel) are well-known. One […]

  • Industrial Hemp Production On The Big Scale

    By Diane Walsh America likes to boast its country’s quality of economic competitiveness. It’s an old story. But here’s one for Canada. In terms of industrial hemp laws, the U.S. is far back as the only industrialized nation on the globe failing to recognize the value of industrial hemp and permit its production. Whilst, in […]