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  • Bill C-45, Teens, and the Demons of Prohibition

    A 1972 report on cannabis first commissioned, and then rejected, by drug war hawk, Richard Nixon, was titled Marijuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding. That sounds about right for Justin Trudeau’s Cannabis Act, Bill C-45, which might better be called, Cannabis: A Signal of Willful Ignorance. Why ignorance? To begin, its use of oppressive penalties is […]

  • Cannabis and Youth: Exploding the Categories

    CANNABIS AND YOUTH: EXPLODING THE CATEGORIES Judith Stamps T’is the season of the goblin, and once again we find ourselves confronted with media-driven Halloween goody scares.  It is presently—as I scribble—Saturday, October 31st, and parents and kids of all ages are being warned to watch out, because people out there will be putting ‘marijuana’ into […]