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  • Stay Cool And Clean By Going Green

    Ted, Gayle, and Owen in hemp clothing By Brittany Schina Team 420 is making the move towards a more active green community, and working to break stereotypes of carelessness and laziness. Why don’t we all try to move towards a more sustainable, green community, by making eco-friendly clothing mainstream and dressing our local athletes and […]

  • The Hicks

    By Andrew Brown They’re rude, crude, funny, and shocking—so offensive that the plug was pulled during a gig at a local gay bar. And they are proud of that. They are The Hicks, and indeed they are. Some folks just don’t enjoy satire on this level, and take it too much at face value, in […]

  • Member Profile : Ross Turchyn

    By Ross Turchyn A blade of grass grows through concrete, not because it wants to, but because that is what it must do—often because that is all it knows how to do. Summers on the prairie are as long as a golden sea of wheat stretching off into the country mile. Both my grandparents owned […]

  • Just Jakes-Just Getting Hempy

    By Andrew Brown Over the past several years, Duncan, B.C. has become a model of progression in terms of a move towards a sustainable community. From regular farmer’s markets in the downtown core (and another in the outskirts), to regular community events, downtown businesses are working together to make the community better for people and […]

  • Justice Matters

    By Jesse Stamm Hello Hempology students! I am an articled student (graduated from law school, will be writing the bar exam in Sept.) at Roger Batchelor Law Corporation in the Western Communities. I moved to Victoria in 1994 to attend the University of Victoria, and have spent 10 of those years completing two Bachelor’s degrees […]

  • End Prohibition By Bidding For The Province’s Top Spot

    By Kristen Mann Tell me about the first time you used cannabis. The first time I smoked pot? The very first time was at a Pink Floyd concert and I was 17, or close to 18, and I didn’t really get much of an effect from it the first time, although it was a pretty […]

  • Smuggling Bricks Of Money And Blood

    By M. Allister Greene Brick weed. To some these words are unfamiliar, but in most of the United States this is the cannabis that has spread across the market to a huge percentage of consumers, but is thought to be the lowest grade and poorest example of cannabis. To most consumers the words “brick weed” […]

  • A LEAP Forward for Nanaimo

    By Blair Hedley John Anderson, a professor of Criminology at Vancouver Island University, was recently made the Nanaimo area speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. I got in touch with him in late Nov., and he told me all about it. To start with, what exactly are a LEAP speaker’s duties? Well, I think you […]

  • Team 420

    To the amusement of onlookers, Herb the 12 foot tall marijuana leaf mascot of Team 420 and Hempology 101 made his way through the streets of Vancouver spreading good cheer and mellow vibes during the annual Vancouver Sun Run, last May. While outpacing many of his fellow runners, Herb had a little difficulty manoeuvring past […]

  • Noddy’s Update From The UK

    By Mark Knowles Well, it looks like Britain is in a cannabis spin—again. After what looked like a successful trip to Holland and back for U.K. medpot users under the Schengen agreement: article 75 1. As regards the movement of travelers to the territories of the Contracting Parties or their movement within these territories, persons […]

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