New series: VCBC Member Meetings

Time to get involved with the club!

There has never been a more critical time for the VCBC to reach out and get the members more involved in various functions.  From fighting the government in court, to educating the public about the medical uses of cannabis, to bringing in new patients, to sharing our news on social media, to organizing fundraisers and parties, there are a number of ways we could be doing a better job including our membership in the organization.  We will be making a renewed effort to develop sustainable, engaging, educational and meaningful opportunities for volunteers to help us survive and grow.

In an effort to include more members in the social activities of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, the group is going to host monthly meetings starting
Thursday November 9 at 2 pm at the club. 

Each monthly meeting will focus on a certain topic or individual sharing their story about their use of medical cannabis.  As well as having a presentation, each month we will discuss future events the club is hosting and brainstorm about possible fundraisers or other activities the group might try.

At the first meeting we will be focused on social media and how patients can help us promote the VCBC on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube and other sites.  In future meetings we will have more focused speakers on specific websites but initially we will try to cover the full range of possible places online that our supporters could use to to assist us.  We will also be discussing how to generate different images, photos, videos, written work and other material that can be shared by others.

Getting our message out has never been more important.  We need the public to understand  how the club operates and why we are not complying with the legal system.  We need to attract new members by showcasing our unique products and services.  Our legal, political and financial future depends on the club growing stronger in membership, sales and community support.

With over 8,000 members over almost 28 years, the VCBC has the potential to be the largest social club on the island.  While attempts have been made in the past to build our community on-line and in social activities, this renewed effort to include the members will hopefully generate the momentum we need to host large-scale events.  Together anything is possible.