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Podcast Interview with Euphoria Potions and Edibles.

Women’s voices in the cannabis industry are few and far between. To amplify their voices join me, Jacqueline Kittel, once a month for discussions with women who are making waves in cannabis. This podcast is the first in a new series that elevates the stories of women and minority cannabis business owners in the Victoria and Vancouver region. 

To start off this series I met with Lenore, of the founders of Euphoria Potions and Edibles. Euphoria is a local Victoria business run by a small family of dedicated craft cannabis edible makers. The founders are patients themselves who have developed high quality products with the best ingredients to meet medical issues ranging from depression and anxiety to multiple sclerosis.

This week I spoke with Lenore about Euphoria Potion and Edibles’ experience in the cannabis industry as an underground edible business. We discussed the history of their business, the obstacles they have faced in the unfolding of legalization of cannabis, and their plans for perseverance in an uncertain legal future. 

For more information about Euphoria Potion and Edibles you can check out their website or follow them on Instagram @euphoriapeca

Stay tuned next month for more in depth discussions about the lived experiences of the pioneers of this burgeoning industry. 

Jacqueline Kittel

Interview with Lenore from Euphoria Potions and Edibles
November 5, 2019

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