• Parenting during prohibition – Being a single dad with a medical grow-op

  • Accessing My ACMPR – Part 5

    Julia Veintrop Victory! Well… sort of Part 5 – June 16, 2017 With a warm, happy heart and a legally lit doobie smouldering in my ashtray, I am so happy to announce that my surgeon has signed my ACMPR! I am legally allowed to purchase cannabis from a government licensed producer, grow my own plants […]

  • Accessing My ACMPR: Part 4

    (start from part 1) Julia Veintrop Having a smart doctor can definitely have its advantages and disadvantages. I was so happy when my surgeon told me that she would willfully sign my ACMPR. She even wanted to do a bit of research because usually she just signs proof of conditions for compassion clubs. That was […]

  • Battling for My ACMPR: Part 3

    Julia Veintrop Appointment with family doctor With the date of my consultation in Vancouver booked and approaching, I went to my GP in Victoria to score my free medical travel pass. Plus, I wanted to take another shot at getting him to sign my weed papers. At this point, I realized my GP was inclined […]

  • The Hassle of Accessing the ACMPR

    (Read Part 1 here) Julia Veintrop Accessing the ACMPR – Part 2 My Doctor and I continue to brawl. Unfortunately, My health likes to rollercoaster and I find myself needing that paperwork a little sooner than I imagined. I am going under the knife again pretty soon and I don’t take opiates so, I want […]

  • Accessing the ACMPR

    Julia Veintrop Aug 29/16 – First contact with my General Practitioner’s office in regards to obtaining my Federal License  Today I made an appointment with my family doctor by phone. When asked the reason for the visit, I told the receptionist that it was to begin the process of getting my medical cannabis license. I […]

  • The ACMPR, and the Rift in the Cannabis Industry

    Judith Stamps The recently announced decision by Health Canada, to permit home growing of medical cannabis, is widely regarded as a step forward for patients, and a win for cannabis culture. The program is called: The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, or ACMPR. There are good aspects to this program. Under the new […]