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Exemption Denied: Health Canada Shuts Door on Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club

For Immediate Release Friday June 2, 2023 Exemption Denied: Health Canada Shuts Door on Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club Victoria, B.C.:  Despite multiple letters of support from the City of Victoria, a series of letters from drug policy experts and over 300 patient testimonials; Health Canada has denied a request from the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club […]

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Compassion Club Gets Eviction For Christmas

For Immediate Release Thursday December 22, 2022 Victoria, B.C.:  The oldest medical cannabis provider in Canada will be moving in the new year, after its new landlord gave the society an eviction notice, effective Jan 2, 2022, just before the Christmas break.  On December 14, lawyers for Bluebird Core Associates Inc. served the Victoria Cannabis […]

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What does ChatGPT AI say about Cannabis?

I interview the new AI chat bot from OpenAI, “ChatGPT” about cannabis and cannabis prohibition. ChatGPT is the latest machine learning creation released by OpenAI, a group responsible for the new image generator technology that has begun transforming your friends in their social media photos into slick looking movie extras. Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and Dall-E […]

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Ever since the first judge decided cannabis had medical benefits that patients had a constitutional right to access, Health Canada and doctos have fought tooth and nail to discredit, diminish, dismiss, and undermine the acceptance of this plant as a legitimate medicine.  From the mid 1990’s, doctors have been fighting the medical cannabis program and […]

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Virtually every professional body that deals with medical cannabis regulations would be happy to see the whole medical cannabis system disappear.  With that in mind, Health Canada has produced a public survey intended to gain feedback about the effects of legalization with a question at the end designed to justify doing just that.  While there […]