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  • Latin America Says No To Drug War

    By M. Allister Greene The tactics of the War on Drugs in Central and South America has formed a dust ring around it. But this dust is made up of blood, bones, drugs, money, and corruption. Many people from countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, El Salvador, and many other Latin American countries, met on […]

  • Health Canada Pulls the Plug on Growing

    Health Health Canada appears ready to make things a lot worse for medical cannabis users. Proposed amendments to the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations will take away both legal options patients have to produce their own medicine. More drug companies will be granted authority to produce and distribute cannabis. Some of the amendments may improve a […]

  • Big Name Panel Calls Global Drug War a “Failure”

    By Phillip Smith The global war on drugs is a failure and governments worldwide should shift from repressive, law-enforcement centered policies to new ways of legalizing and regulating drugs, especially marijuana, as a means of reducing harm to individuals and society, a high-profile group of world leaders said in a report issued in June. The […]