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  • Fabric for the Conscious

    by Diane Walsh Industrial hemp has been with human civilization since before 7000 B.C. But fast forward, for a moment, to the middle ages and the start of the Renaissance. Back in high school, a hippie history teacher may have told you about Christopher Columbus making use of hemp on his voyages. Things noted may […]

  • Stay Cool And Clean By Going Green

    Ted, Gayle, and Owen in hemp clothing By Brittany Schina Team 420 is making the move towards a more active green community, and working to break stereotypes of carelessness and laziness. Why don’t we all try to move towards a more sustainable, green community, by making eco-friendly clothing mainstream and dressing our local athletes and […]

  • Hemp & Company—Eco-Fashion Making a Statement

    By Diane Walsh HEMP & COMPANY is a posh Canadian fashion store -featuring all ecologically friendly items – located in Victoria, B.C. on the popular tourist-stroll known as Government St. The store’s proprietors, Bill and Lorna Finley, are now proud to announce their own line, manufacturing clothing right in Vancouver, B.C. It is part of […]