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  • Marijuana Musicians Crossword #47

    James Sware Play the Marijuana Musicians Crossword Puzzle Online from Issue #47 of the Cannabis Digest. JUST CLICK HERE  

  • Cannabis Digest Crossword: Toking Politicians

    By Owen Smith The Cannabis Digest has featured a Crossword section in the back pages for the past dozen issues. Follow This link to play the latest Cannabis Digest Crossword Online: Toking Politicians

  • Crossword Puzzle

    Across 3. the Oakland Cannabis College is called 8. Queen _ used Cannabis for menstrueal pains 10. Harry J._ 11. the worlds largest hemp producer 12. UK Prof. Nutt was sacked for reporting that Cannabis, LSD and _ are safer than alcohol 15. _ _ : the business behind getting high 16. Cleanest Inhalation method […]