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  • How To Save Your Reclaim When You Clean Your Dab Rig

  • Meet Canada’s ‘Dabbing Granny’ Miss Majick

    Anna James Victoria-based internet personality talks activism, hardships and dabbing. To her online fans, 57-year-old Miss Majick is Canada’s ‘Dabbing Granny’; Insta-famous for smoking concentrated THC and yelling “Yabbadabbadoozie”, her smile curling around red tortoiseshell glasses. As I wait at The Green Garage dispensary for Majick, another person arrives to meet her to whom she’s […]

  • Explaining Cannabis Concentrates

    Originally posted on Lift! By Owen Smith As jurisdictions in the United States and around the world begin to repeal aspects of cannabis prohibition, the emerging businesses and production facilities have begun to introduce a higher standard for cannabis derivative products. Testing laboratories have the ability to isolate and reject contaminants and meet requirements for […]