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  • Cannabis Harvest Time Tips

    Kristen Mann Harvest time, the most exciting time of the year. For all you lovely activists out there overgrowing the government, thank you! You have worked hard all year to assert your freedoms, and now it is time to reap the rewards. If this is your first time growing, or even if its not, there […]

  • Harvest Time

    (To the tune of “Silver Bells”) by Ted Smith  People growing tall plants growing Making pot lovers smile In the air there’s a faint smell of cannabis     People smoking 420 toking Passing joint after joint And in every clearcut you can hear   Harvest time Harvest time It’s trimming time in the country […]

  • Plant the ‘Good Seed Hemp’

    By Blake hunter The Good Seed Hemp Company is based in Victoria BC, with roots in Saskatchewan, and has been at the forefront of growing, selling and educating people about hemp since 2006. The story of the Good Seed Hemp Company is a story of the Hunter Family, a Metis family from the countryside near […]