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  • Building a Future with Hempcrete

    (image:Hempcrete.com) By Diane Walsh For enthusiasts, it’s all about cementing the power of the industrial hemp movement right into people’s homes. You might ask, squinting one eye, and jutting forward to re-read…Hempcrete? Say what! When it comes to hemp, the ranges of uses (including food, clothing, rope, paper, soap, cosmetics, and even fuel) are well-known. […]

  • A Pound of Jamaican Freedom

    The GFGPA’s Recent Call For A One Pound Amnesty The Ganja Future Growers and Producers Association (GFGPA) are increasing their social justice activism towards Ganja reform in Jamaica with an immediate call to the Government for a One Pound Amnesty.  The idea of a One Pound Amnesty was recently introduced to the GFGPA by its […]

  • Clubs growing throughout B.C

    A wave of new compassion clubs and dispensarys helping many…and bothering very few   Nestled between the coastal mountains and the City of Vancouver, on the shores of the Fraser River, stands the town of Maple Ridge. With a population of nearly 69,000, Maple Ridge is like any other town in Canada, with one exceptional […]