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  • Cannabis and the Foundation of Civilization

    (image: Cannabis Digest) By Ted Smith As early hunter-gatherers began to unlock the secrets of civilization, they also began forming symbiotic relationships with the plants that provided the fundamental resources necessary for survival. Primary among these symbiotic plants is Cannabis Sativa, whose relationship with humankind is hundreds of thousands of years old. The seeds of […]

  • Lisa ‘MamaKind’ Kirkman Versus Alberta

    Lisa Mamakind Kirkman’s Battles in the Badlands of Alberta By Dean Schwind If you think this story is about the famous sexpot goddess, activist, writer, caregiver, overgrower, and icon in the war to free the weed, Mamakind, you’re wrong.  This is about Lisa Kirkman, a woman, a mom, a partner, and a patient who is […]