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  • Issue #25 Summer 2010

    Jack Herer 1939-2010 Contents Updates, Warnings, Suggestions Clubs Raided Publisher’s Note Editorial New Clubs Opened Bill S-10 Hempology 101 10 Places For Activists to Focus Jack Herer MP Dr. Keith Martin Interview Product Testing Cops and Cannabis Islamic Hashish Culture Pt.2 Member Profile Homebase Pot Poem Team 420 Racing Cannabis Carols Cannabis Crossword Club Listings […]

  • Interview with: MP Dr. Keith Martin

    Keith Martin discusses mandatory minimum sentences, medical marijuana, and party politics On May 29, Kristen Mann interviewed Hon. Dr. Keith Martin at the Backpacker’s Inn, in Victoria. Here is the transcription. Kristen Mann: Today we are sitting down with Dr. Keith Martin, longtime MP for Esquimalt/ Juan de Fuca. Dr. Martin, thank you for visiting […]