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  • The Grey Market Adds Legitimacy To Licensed Producers

    Debra Harper “A significant percentage of patients (42%) reported accessing cannabis from illegal/unregulated sources in addition to access via LPs, and over half (55%) were charged money to receive a medical recommendation to use cannabis, with nearly 25% paying $300 or more.” International Journal of Drug Policy We hear how well Licensed Producers (LP’s) are […]

  • Task Force Survey Shows Dispensaries Face Future Raids

    Ted Smith Survey #3-Designing an Appropriate Distribution System Phased-in approach to distribution: In the initial stages of legalizing marijuana, only allowing a proven system of distribution (e.g., through the mail, as is currently done in the medical marijuana regime) could minimize the risks of uncontrolled/illegal retail sales outlined above.  This system could enable access for […]

  • Publishers Note: Dispense the Digest!

    Ted Smith This coming fall, everyone with the Cannabis Digest will be proud to be getting ready to print the publication’s 50th issue. With so much happening in the cannabis scene, it is exciting to have the opportunity to document the changes as we shift from prohibition to legalization. We feel our newspaper has a […]

  • The Transferable Skills of a Cannabis Grower

    Let’s hear it for the Challengers   By Dean Schwind The other day I had the opportunity to have lunch with an old friend. When I say friend I should really say teacher, mentor, guide, or adviser when speaking about this particular guy. He taught me every useful thing I know about growing cannabis. Of […]

  • Lifting the Illusion of “Dried Marihuana”

    Figure 1. The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Schedule 2, Cannabis What exactly is ‘dried marihuana’? In April of 2012, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Johnston struck the term “dried marihuana” from the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations, refining the language to refer to all products listed as Cannabis in schedule 2 of the CDSA (figure […]