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  • The Greens on Marijuana Legalization

    (image: greenparty.ca)   Editors Notes: Interview from Nov 2010: Bill S-10 has since passed into law and Elizabeth May now sits in parliament as the first and only Green member)   An Interview with Elizabeth May   Cannabis Digest: Do you know anything about Hempology 101 in Victoria, or what we do as an organization? […]

  • Stop the Violence B.C.

    Winter has been a strange season for drug law reform in Canada. Years of battling a minority Harper government on its multiple inceptions of mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent cannabis offenses has finally gave way to a conservative majority, which has predictably pushed all the legal and moral standards to move forward this unreasonable, damaging […]


    Ted Smith Grassroots activism means many things to many people. While it sounds easy, most people who care about issues rarely assist with a cause beyond discussing the situation with friends, family, and co-workers during breaks. One of the greatest challenges faced by people committed to a social problem is getting others involved. Successful grassroots […]