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  • U.S. Presidential Candidates on Pot

    Obama, Romney, or Paul—who deserves the cannabis vote? By M. Allister Greene Polarization in the American political system is as common as house flies in an election year—be it in personalities of candidates, party supporters, or positions on hot button issues. This year is not turning out any differently, nor will the scale change with […]

  • Obama Changes Tune

    By M. Allister Greene In the Presidential Election of 2008, many cannabis using, and canna-friendly, voters elected Barrack Obama on the train of hope and change. Some of these voters expected an over-night reform of laws, and assumed that legalization of cannabis was soon to follow. Obama who has never really denied his use of […]

  • Issue 29 – Summer 2011

    Contents Pot Laws Fall Updates, Warnings, Suggestions Editorials Big Names Say Drug War is Failure Post Election Canada Obama and Broken Promises Cannabis as Medicine Health Canada Pulls Plug on Growing   Cannabis as Cancer Treatment 100 Mile House Hemp Marc Emery Update Internet Activism CannabisandCivilization/BeKind Treating Yourself Expo Team 420 Wordsearch / Comics