• Publishers Note: Big Changes Ahead

    Kristen Mann This summer I have moved to small resort town in Alberta. While it has been a big change to meet new friends and be in a new place (and not have the internet), I am once again struck by the near universal need/symbiotic relationship between happiness, community building and healing. When one can […]

  • Issue 26 – Winter 2010

    Contents Credits A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER EDITORIAL: Activate Your Activism HEMPOLOGY 101 CALENDAR OF EVENTS Updates, Warnings, Suggestions Product Development Emery Update Compassion falls in Quebec Updates From the Valley Remember Me the Way I Was Cannabis Compliance in the UK Examining the Parker decision…ten years later The Other Side of the Leaf An […]


    Ted Smith Though the last edition was dedicated to Jack Herer, it seemed appropriate to me to wait until we were celebrating the 15th anniversary of the International Hempology 101 Society to pay tribute to him. You would not be reading this if Jack had done something else with his life. Hempology 101 would not […]