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  • Rasta and High Times: The Jamaican World Cannabis Cup

    By Ras Kahelb Since the passing of the Ganja Bill in Jamaica new opportunities are being embarked upon by ganja farmers and leaders of the Rastafari community. Recently, an elder from the Nyahbinghi Mansion who is the Chairman of the Westmoreland Hemp and Ganja Farmers Association is Chairing both the Rastafari In Inity (a new […]

  • Jamaica Goes Medical and Sacramental: The Ganja Bill

    By Ras Kahleb “The Ganja Bill is a new dispensation…it is the first Public Act that recognizes Rastafari” Mark Golding – MOJ Since prohibition in Jamaica during the late 1930’s the ganja plant has been associated with madness and criminality. Like many other governments around the globe the Jamaican government in recent past has considered […]

  • Activists Jammin in Jamaica

    Skunk Magazine Helps Bring Canadian Activists to Negril  by Ted Smith Jamaica has a natural romanticism that is undeniable. Long before the songs of Bob Marley drifted through the countryside and around the world, the beauty of this paradise attracted others to its shores. Unfortunately, politics and greed have crippled what should be a vibrant […]