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  • Study: Patients Opt for Cannabis Over Prescription Meds

    Helen Davids New Research Shows Patients with a Choice Opt for Cannabis over Prescription Meds Research undertaken by the University of British Columbia and University of Victoria has shown that given the choice, those suffering from chronic pain, and those taking medication for mental health conditions, would choose cannabis over their medication. Lead author of […]

  • Study: More Americans Using Cannabis, Finding it Less Harmful

    A new study has found a dramatic increase in the numbers of Americans who use cannabis, and also found that attitudes towards cannabis have shifted over time to reflect a wider acceptance of its use. The study — published in the British medical journal The Lancet Psychiatry — analyzed survey data from 596,500 adults gathered every […]

  • University of California Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research

    (website: CMCR) Eliminating the Ignorance and Myth around Medical Marijuana By Dean Schwind In the last month of 2014, quietly and without fanfare or hoopla, the US Federal Government unceremoniously unfunded the war on medical marijuana.  The U.S. House of Representatives’ approval of the landmark Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment to the 1.1 trillion dollar “Cromnibus Spending Bill” […]

  • Making Concentrated Cannabis Oils

    (Image: LiftBlog)   By Owen Smith Last week i reported on the launch of the GoFundMe campaign for our Supreme Court challenge to legalize cannabis extracts. This will be the final showdown.  The wording of the remedy from the BC Court of Appeal has left us asking a few questions, it suggested to our lawyer […]