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  • Fabric for the Conscious

    by Diane Walsh Industrial hemp has been with human civilization since before 7000 B.C. But fast forward, for a moment, to the middle ages and the start of the Renaissance. Back in high school, a hippie history teacher may have told you about Christopher Columbus making use of hemp on his voyages. Things noted may […]

  • The Hicks

    By Andrew Brown They’re rude, crude, funny, and shocking—so offensive that the plug was pulled during a gig at a local gay bar. And they are proud of that. They are The Hicks, and indeed they are. Some folks just don’t enjoy satire on this level, and take it too much at face value, in […]

  • A May Vote-Remember Your ABCs

    By Amie Gravell Coming May 2, 2011. Canada will undergo its fourth election in seven years. Whatever one believes about the worth of another election, we can remain on the positive side and choose to see it as a chance to effect a more likable change in our leadership than last election (which of course […]


    Cannabis dispensaries in Canada, due to a lack of regulation, all operate under unique and individual mandates. As such, the membership requirements of each dispensary differ. We recommend travelling with a copy of your original proof of condition (doctors note) which the CBC of C staff will be happy to provide. It is also recommended […]