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  • Cannabis and Youth: Exploding the Categories

    CANNABIS AND YOUTH: EXPLODING THE CATEGORIES Judith Stamps T’is the season of the goblin, and once again we find ourselves confronted with media-driven Halloween goody scares.  It is presently—as I scribble—Saturday, October 31st, and parents and kids of all ages are being warned to watch out, because people out there will be putting ‘marijuana’ into […]

  • Cannabis and the Young Brain: Prohibition’s Forgotten Victims

    (image : The Night Dad Went to Jail) Cannabis and the Young Brain:  Prohibition’s Forgotten Victims By Judith Stamps Listen to Rona Ambrose, Canada’s Health Minister, or Nora Volkow, America’s Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and you will soon conclude that cannabis prohibition today rests on a single, nearly unassailable platform: it […]