Nothing exposes the government’s failure to efficiently legalize cannabis more than the 10 mg THC limit on edibles. By severely restricting THC limits in edible products, Health Canada and the Cannabis Act fuels the opiate crisis, exploited recreational consumers and stimulated the underground economy. The 10 mg THClimit has also fueled the illicit industry which […]

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Cannabis Review Threatens Patient Gardens: A delayed review of the Cannabis Act asking Canadians a limited selection of questions has finally begun, including questions designed to justify shutting down the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).  This review allows citizens to respond to several survey questions, or add other comments, until Nov 21.  […]


VCBC Autumn Updates & Announcements

Annnual General Meeting: Thurs Oct 13 The VCBC will be holding its Annual General Meeting this year on Thursday October 13th, at the Fernwood Community Center from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. This venue is wheelchair accessible, it has a large parking lot across the street, and is easily accessible via bus, biking and walking. This year […]

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VCBC Responds to BC Public Consultation Re: Opioid Epidemic

The Select Standing Committee on Health is examining the ongoing overdose and drug toxicity crisis. As part of this work, the Committee is inviting British Columbians to give their input on the following areas: Government Response: What actions should government take to address the ongoing overdose and drug toxicity crisis? Improving Care: How should government and institutions […]

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City Insists Health Canada Grant VCBC Exemption From Cannabis Act For 3rd Time.

For Immediate Release Tues, Aug 2, 2022 City Insists Health Canada Grant VCBC Exemption From Cannabis Act Victoria B.C.: Once again, Victoria city council has written to Health Canada to affirm and clarify their unanimous support for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club to receive an exemption from the Cannabis Act to provide high-dosage edibles to […]