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Censored Cannabis TedxTalk: Ted Smith in TedxLangford

Ted Smith is the founder and president of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club and the author of Hempology 101. Ted’s years of work as a cannabis activist and community leader provide ample insight for shedding light on the cannabis industry today.

Ted’s presentation, Cannabis, Class and the Healing of the Nations, tackles the topic of the multiple methods the elite have used influence laws governing access to cannabis. This influence over cannabis legislation, Ted argues, was designed to suppress information and access to cannabis from the lower classes.

Censored Cannabis TedxTalk: Ted Smith in TedxLangford

Watch the presentation about cannabis that TedXTalks refuses to share.

TEDXTalks has decided that my presentation on cannabis policy violated their community standards!

After giving the best speech of my career, it was very disappointing for me to learn that TEDXTalks decided that they would not share the video. Since they authorized the theme of my talk beforehand, it seemed impossible to imagine that afterwards they would decide the content was inappropriate. Funny, I always thought TEDXTalks was about providing critical information but apparently it has to fit a certain worldview to be acceptable.

Throughout this speech I highlight different ways the elite have used laws to suppress information and access to cannabis from the lower classes. It is surprising the wide variety of ways the general public has been manipulated by the ruling classes regarding the use and sale of cannabis products, including present day. While it was a challenge getting all of this information into an 18 minute presentation, I am very happy with how smoothly I was able to transition through so much history and politics.

Of course, it was not perfect. At the end I felt rushed as I did not have a clock to see how close to the 18 minute mark I was and I rushed, missing a very important point. When you watch the video, you would never know I made this mistake but it is glaring to me.

One of the most important uses of cannabis in the future will be in various building materials. Almost everything but glass and metal can be replaced entirely or in part using hemp products, from mixing it into the foundation, to insulation, to plywood to upholstery and paint. These hemp-based building materials generally provide better insulation, are fire resistant, use less pollutants and will cost less than traditional items. Soon we will be living in a world where literally almost everything is made using cannabis, many of our processed foods will have hemp seeds by-products and our medicine cabinets will be full of a range of cannabis products.

Ultimately, though, it is hard for me to imagine doing a more informative, inspirational and thought-provoking lecture and I am super happy we can finally share it with everyone. Instead of being upset TEDXTalks has decided to dismiss my speech, I could not be happier because it actually proves the point I was trying to make.”