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Feb 12, 2021 – URGENT need for more letters of support for the VCBC Exemption application


URGENT OUTREACH – Friday February 12th, 2021.

More letters of support from members are urgently needed to complete the application for an temporary exemption from Health Canada for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club.  The VCBC needs to continue its work until it can comply with all of the new cannabis regulations without destroying the organization and leaving patients without the medicines they require.  While the club was able to collect several dozen letters last fall, many more are needed to have a robust argument that includes a substantial volume of personal stories.

Time is critical.  For reasons soon to be disclosed, we need to hurry to get this last pile of letters to the lawyer by next Friday, Feb 19. 

This will give our legal team just enough time to include the letters in our exemption package, as each letter is referenced in the arguments we are making.

The future of the VCBC depends on these stories.

Without a substantive collection of personal stories to back up many of our claims, the VCBC lacks the evidence to prove beyond a doubt that the benefits of our products and services compared to what is legally available.  While we have crafted our arguments and gathered relevant scientific evidence for our case, our lawyers at JFK Law Corporation are certain that much more depth needs to be added to the letters from patients.

Patients, and their caregivers, need to document their experiences for us in ways that addresses the following points:

  1. Affordability
  2. Quality and selection of products
  3. High dose THC products
  4. Lower opiate use due to access to club products
  5. Access to legal medical cannabis system
  6. Difficulties finding a doctor and accessing medical system
  7. Housing issues that make mail order impossible
  8. How patients with low income have difficulty getting a credit card or waiting for cannabis in mail, as the legal medical cannabis system requires.
  9. The sense of community the club has established.

We cannot stress enough the need for many more letters to give our application the strength it deserves. We will be pursuing several means of spreading the word about our need for these letters.  Given the short time we have, we greatly appreciate any effort to help us collect these letters, including writing letters for patients unable to do it themselves.

Thank you for your support in this trying time.