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  • Team Cannabis Lobbies BC Government For Inclusive Regulations

    Wednesday Sept 14, 2016 Victoria, B.C. Cannabis legalization offers all British Columbians an opportunity to benefit from the multi-billion dollar market that has been created here by cannabis activists over decades.  In an attempt to bring together a wide range of individuals and organizations that are working hard to educate the public about cannabis, The […]

  • The BC Independent Cannabis Association

    Judith Stamps The BC Independent Cannabis Association: A Preface to Strategies for the Provincial Campaign Historical alternatives are the ghosts that haunt established practices. For the cannabis plant, that alternative has always been the free and varied marketplace; a network of small, medium and large growers and producers; a craft industry; and an array of […]

  • Women Rise Against Prohibition

    Over the fall and winter I had the privilege and honour to witness and help guide a renewed vision on the landscape of cannabis activism in Canada—the uniting, empowerment, and amplification of the voices of women who have had enough of the laws interfering in their lives, and the lives of their families. I call […]