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  • Hemp in the United States

    In the 1800s, hemp was a vital part of everyday life in America.  Indeed, one could speculate that settling North America would have been much more difficult if it were not for the high quality rope, paper and canvas that was made from hemp. From the sailboats that brought Europeans across the ocean, to the […]

  • Hemp and the Founding of America

    Hemp was very important financially and physically to the settlers of America.  The fibre was used for rope, canvas and paper, making it highly sought after by old European countries seeking global domination by sea and those on the new frontier.  While cotton is often thought to be responsible for the rich fortunes of early […]

  • And Now For Something Completely Historical: Updating Reefer Madness

    Many readers will be familiar with the story of America’s War on Drugs. As most of us know it, the story goes something like this. Following political upheavals in Mexico in 1910, large numbers of Mexicans immigrated to the US, especially to the Southwest. For predictable reasons, the immigrants became objects of contempt. They spoke […]