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  • Video Archive: Bakery Raid Press Conference

    By Ted Smith Five years and four months ago today we held a press conference at the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club to announce the fact Owen Smith had been arrested in our bakery the day before. Though we were not certain that this case would get all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada […]

  • Baker’s Journey Through Court

    Baker’s Journey Through Court Smith acquitted, Crown will appeal extract ruling By Owen Smith   In the past two articles (Concentrating on Cannabinoids and Criminal Trials or Clinical Trials) , I explored in detail some of the pivotal points that came from the recent successful constitutional challenge that I helped bring before the Supreme Court […]

  • Issue #24 Spring 2010

    Bakery Raided Contents Updates, Warnings, Suggestions Bites From the Bakery Bill C-15: Flawed by Design Publisher’s Note Editorial: Have Some Compassion Denise Savoie Marc Emery’s Fight of His Life≈ CBCoC Bakery Raid Islamic Hashish Culture Veterans for Cannabis Alberta Update U.K. Update Team 420 Review: The Union The State of Hemp Farming In North America […]