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Video Archive: Bakery Raid Press Conference

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By Ted Smith

Five years and four months ago today we held a press conference at the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club to announce the fact Owen Smith had been arrested in our bakery the day before.

Though we were not certain that this case would get all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada and ultimately change the laws, one can get the sense from watching that our club was ready, willing and able to take the federal government head on over the issue of cannabis extractions.

As you can see from these videos, it was a very emotional experience for me and others.  Helping people improve their health by using edible and topical cannabis products has been a focus of my life for a long time, so getting an opportunity to change these laws is a dream come true.

A lot has changed in the Canadian medical cannabis scene since Owen was arrested on Dec 3, 2009. Much more change and growth will happen when the decision is made by the Supreme Court of Canada after the hearing on March 20.  It is wonderful that we have this press conference forever preserved.

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