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  • Pottawa: Ottawa Becomes Cooler Than Ever

    Russell Barth I sometimes think that if Earth ever joined some sort of Galactic Federation, Ottawa would be known throughout the galaxy – not just the world – as the lamest place to visit. Name anything from public transit to entertainment to City Council, and if you don’t find yourself getting bored or angry, you’ll […]

  • “Hey, Let’s Put On A Vapor Lounge Show!”

    Russell Barth The Story Of Ottawa’s First Weekly Marijuana-Themed Youtube Series For those unfamiliar with my previous activism work, I make a lot of videos. My Youtube page has over 370 videos, 1,782 subscribers, and it gets over 1,200 hits every day, with a total of over 3 million views. Almost all of those hits […]

  • The City Of Ottawa Is Dragged Kicking And Screaming Into The 21st Century

    Russell Barth There are two Ottawa’s really: The federal government Ottawa, that Canadians from coast to coast complain about when they watch TV or read the news papers; and the city itself. Having lived in Ottawa since Halloween of 1994, I have almost become accustomed to the cultural retardation that pervades so much of daily […]