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  • Docs, Stocks and Two Legal States

    Doc’s, Stocks and Two Legal States Medical Cannabis Industry Changing Rapidly By Owen Smith   After the good news just before Christmas that the charges against me, relating to the V-CBC bakery incident in 2009, were dropped, and after successfully completing the trial in less than ten minutes and being acquitted, I am glad to […]

  • The Time has Come for C-10

    By Amie Gravell “In the interest of democracy I ask: How can members represent their constituents on these various areas when they are forced to vote in a block on such legislation and on such concerns? We can agree with some of the measures but oppose others. How do we express our views and the […]

  • Crime Bill Coming Soon

    By Amie Gravell The Safe Streets and Communities Act, what we know as bill C-10 (also bill S-10 and C-15 in other incarnations), had both previous versions of the bill died in the house due to prorogation of the Government of Canada for the Prime Minister’s benefit, or due to the call for an election. […]

  • RCMP Raid Four BC Clubs

    The weather wasn’t the only thing out of sync in British Colombia this summer. Along with the uncharacteristically cool temperatures, relations between compassion clubs/dispensaries and the RCMP took a chilly turn, and patients were left out in the cold. In just over a month, RCMP raided four cannabis club/dispensaries. The first was raided a mere […]

  • EDITORIAL: The Blanket Bill Over Our Eyes

    Andrew Brown Editor It seems as though we are about to embark on a surreal journey—a journey that begins with a package wrapped in fairy tale promises and tied with a ribbon of puritan ideals. But inside this package is a socially destructive black hole, or vortex, with a price tag so high that it […]

  • Bill S-10: Mandatory Minimum Misinformation

    By Frank Discussion “All of the parties need to give their heads a shake and really critically examine how these laws that are being passed are going to negatively impact the entire country.” – Kim Pate, executive director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies. Imagine the following scenario: You’re at a car dealership […]

  • EDITORIAL: Rolling Into 2011

    Andrew Brown Editor Happy New Year! This year should prove eventful for the cannabis movement, and we can only hope that the common sense switch gets turned on for our law makers and politicians. Bill S-10 is digging its teeth into the House of Commons after passing Senate in December. This is the single most […]

  • EDITORIAL: Activate Your Activism

    Andrew Brown Editor Thanks for picking up this issue of the Cannabis Digest. I have had a great time putting it together for you, and encourage you to write us letters and become engaged with the paper. We want to tailor our content to suit our readers’ interest, so feedback is important. I’m pretty lucky […]

  • An Interview With: Elizabeth May

    The Greens on mandatory minimums and legalization Cannabis Digest: Do you know anything about Hempology 101 in Victoria, or what we do as an organization? Elizabeth May: No We have been involved in the Victoria scene for 15 years. We are an advocacy group for hemp and marijuana—both sides of the cannabis coin. We have […]

  • Mandatory Minimums the Same Under any Name

    A history of the Conservative government’s push for mandatory minimum sentences, what they are, and how to fight back By Jacob Hunter On Mar. 3, 2010, the Conservative Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson, reintroduced his party’s Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Legislation (previously known as C-15) into the Senate. The bill is now known as S-10; “S” to […]