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  • Marley Natural: Rasta Merchandising vs. Intellectual Property Rights

    By Ras Kahleb Marley Natural is the world’s first global Cannabis brand featuring a line of products ranging from skin creams and oils to vaporizers and Jamaican grown strains of herb.  But the negotiation between the Bob Marley estate and Seattle based Privateer Holdings equity firm has raised the eye brows of the global Rastafari […]

  • Crossword Puzzle

    Across 3. the Oakland Cannabis College is called 8. Queen _ used Cannabis for menstrueal pains 10. Harry J._ 11. the worlds largest hemp producer 12. UK Prof. Nutt was sacked for reporting that Cannabis, LSD and _ are safer than alcohol 15. _ _ : the business behind getting high 16. Cleanest Inhalation method […]