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The Many Uses of Industrial Hemp

(This is a sponsored article from a Guest Author) Hemp is one seriously interesting plant. Demonized in the early 1920s, many western countries banned the cultivation of hemp in an attempt to curb the rise in recreational marijuana use that was starting to take hold in societies across the globe. To many, hemp and marijuana […]


Paving The Way With Hempcrete

By Diane Walsh For enthusiasts, it’s all about cementing the power of the industrial hemp movement right into people’s homes. You might ask, squinting one eye, and jutting forward to re-read…Hempcrete? Say what! When it comes to hemp, the ranges of uses (including food, clothing, rope, paper, soap, cosmetics, and even fuel) are well-known. One […]



Ted Smith These are exciting times for those of us who have been working hard over the years to bring Hempology 101 to fruition. The transformation of our newsletter turning into this newspaper is one of many proj- ects that our group is involved with. Estab- lishing Cannabis Digest as a leading canna- bis publication […]