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  • Watch Victoria’s Mayor Discuss Dispensaries With Retiring Activist

    Ending my fantastic career as a cannabis activist by interviewing the mayor of Victoria, Lisa Helps, has been a perfect encore performance.  After 22 years of struggling, this very friendly conversation about the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, the city licensing dispensaries, smoking lounges and April 20 clearly shows how far our movement has progressed in […]

  • The Battle of Nanaimo

    Dean Schwind Ironically, the day after Canadians celebrated the hard won freedom that our veterans fought and died for, Nanaimo RCMP served the cities dispensaries with a cease and desist order. That hard won freedom that our country values does not extend to the residents of the city of Nanaimo, or to the simple act […]

  • Will Victoria Close or License Cannabis Dispensaries?

    By Ted Smith Under pressure from a new wave of cannabis dispensaries, Victoria City council will decide Thursday whether to shut them down, regulate them or simply do nothing and hope the situation will somehow take care of itself.  Last Tuesday in Vancouver, city council voted in favour of opening a public hearing into a […]

  • Product Development

    Product Development CBCoC, and other dispensaries across Canada, filling the void left by the federal MMAR program By Owen Smith In the Summer edition, I discussed the advancements that the Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada has made over the years in developing medicinal cannabis products. It’s been our priority to provide our members with as […]