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  • Cannabis Extracts throughout History – Part 2

    Cannabis in the Common Era In the first part of this series on Cannabis Extracts in History I looked at references from Before the Common Era or 1CE. In China, where we find the earliest advancements in cannabis/hemp production (5000 BCE), physicians beginning with Hoa-Tho (200 CE) prescribed cannabis mixed with wine as an analgesic […]

  • Issue 33 – Summer 2012

    CONTENTS Trial by Fire Updates, Warnings, Suggestions Editorials Sensible B.C Mernaugh Trial John Cook, Medicine Man The Taxman has Come The U.S. Pot Vote Cannabis Resin Extraction The Church and Cannabis Native American Fight for Sacrament Wordsearch / Comics CREDITS Publisher Ted Smith <hempo101@gmail.com> Editor-in-Chief Andrew Brown <editor@hempology.ca> Associate Editor Ryan Fink Graphics Editor Owen […]