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  • Ancient History: Old Edition of Hempology 101 Textbook On-line

    Though the 4th edition of the Hempology 101 textbook has not yet been made available on-line, the 3rd edition has been on-line for years. It is out-dated, as it was written at the turn of the century, but for the most part it is still worth the read. However, when writing the last chapter on […]

  • Why I am a Hemp Nut

    Most people became involved in the cannabis movement to free the weed that we love to smoke.  Not me.  I got involved in this fight primarily to help hemp become legal and widely used.  In every way possible, I am a hemp nut. Granted, I have spent most of my energy fighting to legalize the […]

  • Cannabis and the Foundation of Civilization

    By Ted Smith As early hunter-gatherers began to unlock the secrets of civilization, they also began forming symbiotic relationships with the plants that provided the fundamental resources necessary for survival. Primary among these symbiotic plants is cannabis sativa, whose relationship with humankind is hundreds of thousands of years old. The seeds of the hemp plant […]