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  • Avoid / Calm/ Treat Breast Radiation Burns with Cannabis

  • CBD and Sleeping Disorders

    (This is a sponsored post from a guest author) CBD can treat sleeping disorders and severe medical conditions Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from sleeping disorders. It’s no wonder since we are living such a stressful life and the daily problems keep interfering with our lifestyle and biological rhythm. When we don’t get […]

  • Kyla’s Quest: Little Girl, Big Inspiration

    It’s unusual to meet another Kyla. While the name has gained some popularity in more recent years, I still remember as a child wishing for a recognizable name like Jennifer, or Julie. There were lots of girls in the Jenny club. Kylas were rare. Years would pass between meetings of other Kylas. New introductions inevitably […]

  • Synthetic THC Pills or Whole Plant Cannabis?

    The importance of having CBD with your THC By Owen Smith The recent discovery of cannabinoid receptors in the human body presents exciting new targets for medical research, yet only confirms what patients have been saying for decades, whole plant cannabis works for them. Seriously ill people who have run the gamut of conventional medicine […]