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  • Supreme Court Extract Case Set for March

    By Ted Smith On March 20, 2015, patients and activists from across the country will descend upon the Supreme Court of Canada to witness the first medical cannabis case ever heard by the high court.  Owen Smith, former head baker of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, will be in the front row to watch his […]

  • Standardizing Medicinal Cannabis Extracts

    By Owen Smith In a previous blog I mentioned a number of medical cannabis products that are being developed around the world. All of these products require at least the basic extraction of the medicinal ingredients from the bulk of the cannabis plant. Although it is difficult pioneering work, medical cannabis groups have been diligently […]

  • Patient Testimony: My Medicine is Necessary

    By Owen Smith For the most part, medical cannabis users are among the least fortunate people in society. Not only have they acquired a life-altering condition but the treatment options that are available don’t work for them. Cannabis is medically necessary for these individuals. The Victoria Cannabis Buyers club is a medical cannabis dispensary that […]