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  • Judges Will Decriminalize, Not Trudeau

    Ted Smith Many cannabis enthusiasts were tickled green when the Liberals won the federal election last fall after promising to legalize. ¬†However, things have not changed quick enough for most in the field, and the appointment of former Toronto chief of police Bill Blair to lead the changes has made it ¬†clear the government intends […]

  • Cookie Trial Chips Away at MMAR

    By Ted Smith A huge sigh of relief swept through the courtroom when Justice Johnson quickly announced the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations were unconstitutional on the morning of Fri. Apr. 13, 2012, in the case of Owen Smith, former head baker for the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada. It was not a surprise. Shock struck […]

  • Dispensaries Deserve Exemptions

    By Ted Smith Over 100 years ago, pioneers ventured west and north on this continent in search of a precious metal. Risking everything for the lure of fortune, men would head to the hills in the hope of striking it rich. Now, few people make their living searching for gold unless they work for a […]