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  • Preparing a Cannabis Glycerin Extract to Eat or Vape

    Owen Smith The process of creating a consistent cannabis edible, topical or inhalable product is a unique challenge facing modern product producers. Fortunately advancements in modern technology give us the capacity to meet this challenge like no other period in history. Where cannabis is prohibited, producers are less likely to invest in equipment that can be seized […]

  • The Extract Trial: Issue of Standing

    (Title image: Vancouver Sun) (This is part of a series of blogs by Owen Smith on the Medical Cannabis Extract Trial) On a cold December morning, 4 years after my arrest, I attended the BC Court of Appeal to witness the oral arguments of the two crown prosecutors and my lawyer, Kirk Tousaw, in front […]

  • How Can We Regulate Cannabis Extracts?

    (image: HighTimes) By Owen Smith Patients, caregivers, advocates and now licensed producers are pressuring for the regulation of cannabis extract products. Canada’s prohibition on cannabis based medicinal extracts was struck down in British Columbia in 2012 and is under increasing pressure nationally as seriously ill Canadians are in need of the cleanest most effective form […]

  • The edible arms race

    [su_quote] How much is too much? How many should I take? When should I take them? [/su_quote] Questions like these have been asked at dispensaries across North America for nearly two decades – patients seeking relief and looking for answers their doctors just can’t provide. The answer to each one of these questions is invariably […]