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  • Weedy Blues III: Silly Logic: Fun with Numbers

    Judith Stamps Cartoon

    In 2001, in response to a court challenge, Medical Marijuana Access Regulations (MMAR) was implemented in Canada, allowing patients to grow their own medicine. This law gave them a level of peace. But the federal government remained hostile to the idea, and so were a number of BC municipalities. In 2012, the peace ended. Health […]

  • Time to be Blunt

    I’m exhausted. Feeling drained. Mental meltdown… I think about cannabis and my head hurts. LOL – *Only with regards to the absolute insanity that surrounds it all on the GRAND SCALE. [su_quote]Don’t sweat the small stuff.[/su_quote] Plant a seed and go to jail.     LOL   How small can you get? You cannot help […]