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  • Cannabis Harvest Time Tips

    Kristen Mann Harvest time, the most exciting time of the year. For all you lovely activists out there overgrowing the government, thank you! You have worked hard all year to assert your freedoms, and now it is time to reap the rewards. If this is your first time growing, or even if its not, there […]

  • Tousaw’s Thoughts on Health Canada’s Response To Allard on Aug 24

    Ted Smith Later this month the federal government must enact laws allowing patients to grow their own supply of cannabis, as per the Federal Court of Canada decision handed down in the Allard injunction on Feb 24.  Many patients have been left without the ability to grow their own medicine for years waiting for the […]

  • What the Judge Said on Patients’ Rights, and What Health Canada Can Do Next

    What the Judge Said on Patients’ Rights, and What Health Canada Can Do Next Judith Stamps Canadians who are ill, and who believe they are obtaining relief from cannabis, have a constitutionally protected right to grow their own medicine. So said Justice Michael Phelan of the BC Federal Court on February 24 2016. At least […]

  • Dr. Allen’s 16 Hour Dark Photoperiod

    David B. Allen M.D. Cannabis plants need 12 hours of continuous darkness to produce flowers. Interrupting the dark cycle with light, even briefly, inhibits the plant’s ability to flower. This demonstrates that the enzyme system for flowering requires 12 hours of continuous darkness (or low light) to produce flowers. Plants in nature are not exposed […]

  • How to Make Flavorful and Potent Cannabis – Extended

    (This is the extended version of an earlier article – Read it Here) Dr. David Allen The RTM (Rootless Transport Mechanism) or Dr. Allen’s Procedure and the simple principal of Osmosis and Tonicity The Rootless Transport Mechanism or RTM procedure is a way to flavor your cannabis any flavor you choose. With this technique I make […]

  • How to Grow Flavorful Potent Cannabis

    David B. Allen M.D. msbluesman@cableone.net The Rootless Transport Mechanism There is an easy way to deliver substances to your plant leaves by capillary action. This can be done by bypassing the plants roots. Much like a rose or other flower in a vase of water, cannabis can uptake fluids and actually remain “alive” if the […]

  • Pesticide Use in Colorado Cannabis Gardens

    (image: Vice News) By December Kennedy Ten years ago, you’d be hard pressed to find a cannabis garden with more than ten lights hanging. The 20 lighter I visited back in 2009 was the exception.  Despite the legality of medical cannabis gardens here in Colorado, even back then, the grower was still noticeably nervous about […]

  • Gardens Vs. Factories

    (Image By Mark Lehtimaki) Patients Fight to Keep Control of their Health, Plants and Cookies “My doctors told me I’d never walk again, never talk again. Marijuana is the difference maker,” Davey said. For the first time ever, a judge has heard arguments in the Federal Court of Canada between patients and the government on […]