Tag: Hemp Paper

  • Bulletin 404

    by Ted Smith While paper has historically been made out of hemp, it was not until 1916 that a method was devised that turned the inner cork into paper, making much more profitable for farmers to grow it almost overnight.  The Department of Agriculture release Bulletin #404 that year, expecting this announcement to generate a […]

  • Why Not Hemp Paper?

    Barriers to hemp production crumpling   Half of the world’s forests have been cut to make paper from wood. Sad, don’t you think? Here’s something you can do about deforestation. Seek out an alternative—fibre sources derived from hemp, that are fresh tree-free. Though not widely publicized, the hemp paper market does exist. It is small, […]

  • Taking Stalk of Hemp Paper

    By Kristen Mann The International Hempology 101 Society has provided me the opportunity to continue my post secondary education by sponsoring one course a semester for the last two years. This has not only encouraged me to continue working towards my goal of achieving a bachelor’s degree and enhanced my work with the Cannabis Buyers’ […]